Interactive Tour of Perry Green

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Hoglands house

Hoglands in Summer

with the 'top' and 'etching' studios to the right.

photo: Jonty Wilde

In 1940, after their home at 7 Mall Studios in London had been damaged in the blitz, Henry and Irina Moore moved to Perry Green. They initially rented half of 'Hoglands', a former farmhouse in the centre of the hamlet, 27 miles north of London. By raising funds from the sale of a 1939 elmwood Reclining Figure - for £300 to artist Gordon Onslow Ford - they were soon able to buy the whole house, which included gardens and two studios.

In 2004 the Foundation were able to acquire Hoglands and following an extensive restoration programe it was opened to the public in 2007. Learn more about the restoration of Hoglands by clicking on the link to the right.