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Draped Reclining Figure 1952-53 (LH 336)

Draped Reclining Figure in Spring

photo: Ben Stower

bronze edition of 3 + 1
height 157cm
signature: stamped Moore, 0/3
The Henry Moore Foundation: gift of the artist

Moore's first exploration of the possibilities of drapery in connection with figurative sculpture took place in the early 1950s, when the demands of a specific commission combined with his free use of plaster in preparation for the casting of the work in bronze culminated in Draped Reclining Figure 1952-53 (LH 336). This successfully added the contours of natural forms as well as a distinct hint of classicism to the repose of his figures, yet preserved that sense of immutability conveyed by the Mexican Chacmool figures that had so profoundly influenced the younger artist.