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Henry Moore, Mother and Child: Block Seat

Mother and Child: Block Seat in Spring

photo: Michael Furze

LH 838
bronze edition of 9 + 1
cast: Morris Singer, Basingstoke
height 244cm

This work has sometimes been understood as a Madonna and Child but such was not Moore’s intention. Throughout his life he was interested in the relationship between small and large forms. In purely abstract carvings from the 1930s the mother and child subject was explored in terms of domination, tension, position and balance. As a theme it provided a figurative approach to the same set of formal problems, with the edition of addition of humanistic qualities and the emotions which these engender. In this bronze the small element , a foetal child, is held on the abstracted arm of the larger form. This provides a base or pedestal support, while the other arm, by contrast disturbingly figurative, swings around and underneath to imply protection, even though it hovers at some distance from the body. By being made to incline slightly forward, abstract forms of the head indicate and add to its focus.