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Henry Moore, Family Group

Family Group in Spring

photo: Jennifer Harwood

LH 264
bronze edition of 4 + 1 + 1
cast: Morris Singer Founders
height 152cm
The Henry Moore Foundation: acquired 1992

Just prior to the Second World War, Moore was approached by the architect Walter Gropius to make a sculpture for a new school in Impington, near Cambridge. The school's intended role fitted the socialist ideology of the time since it was meant to become a focus of community life for the surrounding villages as well as a centre of education with the full involvement of the parents. Moore liked the idea and felt that the subject of a family group would be appropriate. He subsequently made a number of maquettes and drawings on the theme. It was not until after the war that the funds were secured to produce the sculpture for Barclay School, in Stevenage. Moore agreed to make the sculpture at cost price (casting, transport and materials). The birth of Moore's daughter Mary in 1946 also contributed to his interest in the theme of the family.