Large Square Form with Cut 1969-71 (LH 599)


Rio Serra marble
height 545cm

Square Form with Cut went from my studio at Much Hadham to Forte dei Marmi, where I spend the summers. I made the model in polystyrene, and I began the marble version at the Henraux marble works in Querceta. I made it first in polystyrene because you can’t find a piece of sound marble that size. I decided to make it like a building. Nobody expects to make a building in one piece, and in the same way you can make sculptures in pieces. All the pieces had to be numbered so that you could put them up – like number 1 and 1-A for the first layer and so on. We made the marble pieces just like the model. You see, in a piece this size, it’s like building a cathedral.

Henry Moore quoted in Intellectual Digest, August 1972, p.41