Two Piece Reclining Figure: Cut (LH 758)


length 470cm

The sensual curves of this female form are ruptured by deep architectural cut. The cut is a surprise, a stark slice through the body, which is juxtaposed alongside the smooth undulating torso. As we move around the figure, our gaze is drawn upwards to her head where we can view a segment of sky through the aperture of her eye.

Moore has delved into the internal spaces of this form twofold, permitting a dialogue with the scenery, inviting the viewer to unfold the work and discover its different angles and aspects. The slim torso features a backbone or long plait, harking back to the human source of the abstract composition.

At the end of the 1970s the Hyatt Foundation in Rosemont, Illinois, purchased the entire edition of the nine maquettes from which the work was derived. Later renamed Architectural Prize 1979 (LH 756), the maquettes were awarded as the Pritzker Architecture prize to living architects whose work consistently and significantly contributed to humanity and the built environment. The first recipient was Philip Johnson, a friend of Moore’s, and later winners included Gordon Bunshaft, Sir Norman Foster, Frank Gehry and Oscar Niemeyer.