Helmet Head No.1 1950 (LH 279)


Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

height 34cm

I think it may be the interest I had early on in armour, in places like the Victoria and Albert Museum where one used to wander round as a student in the lunch hours. And it may be that I remembered reading stories that impressed me and Wyndham Lewis talking about the shell of lobster covering the soft flesh inside. This became an established idea with me – that of an outer protection to an inner form, and it may have something to do with the mother and child idea; that is where there is the relation of the big thing to the little thing, and the protection idea. The helmet is a kind of protection thing, too, and it became a recording of things inside other things. The mystery of semiobscurity where one can only half distinguish something. In the helmet you do not quite know what is inside.

Henry Moore quoted in ‘Moore on his Methods’, Christian Science Monitor, Boston 24 March 1967.

● In addition to Helmet Head No.1 several prints and drawings by Henry Moore can be found in the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery’s collection. Please contact the venue for further information.