Reclining Figure: Festival 1951 (LH 293)


Length 228.5 cm

photo: A Reeve  

This Reclining Figure was commissioned by the Arts Council for the Festival of Britain in 1951. But I knew that the South Bank would only be its temporary home, so I didn’t worry about where it was to be placed. If I had studied a Festival site to carefully, the figure might never have been at home anywhere else. As it was, I made the figure, then found the best position I could. I was simply concerned with making a sculpture in the round. And it was out in the open most of the time I was working on it.

Henry Moore quoted in Sculpture in the Open Air: A Talk by Henry Moore on his Sculpture and its Placing in Open-Air Sites, edited by Robert Melville and recorded by the British Council 1955: typescript; copy in HMF library

● In addition to the two sculptures listed on this website other sculptures as well as drawings by Henry Moore can be found in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art’s collection. Please contact the venue for further information.