Mother and Child 1924-25 (LH 26)


Manchester City Art Gallery

Hornton stone
height 63.5cm

photo: Errol Jackson

I remember I started it before going of on the travelling scholarship when I’d been put on the staff of the Royal College of Art and I began it and left it unfinished and when I came back four months later I completed it. But this still has in it the four sided, pressed, compressed sense of a block, which although monumental in a sense, my criticism of this kind of work would be and was that the mother has no neck, that the child has no body because the head of the mother is taking the place of the body. That is at this stage I hadn’t got enough command of direct carving to give the forms a full three-dimensional existence.

Henry Moore quoted in Henry Moore Looking at his Work with Philip James, Visual Publications, London, New York, Toronto 1975: booklet, film strips and two audio cassettes

● In addition to Mother and Child other sculptures as well as drawings by Moore can be found in the Manchester City Art Gallery’s collection. Please contact the venue for details.