Madonna and Child 1943 (LH 224)


…I met Canon Hussey, as he then was, and he said that his father, who had been the vicar of this church before him, had left some money for a sculpture for the church and would I think about doing a madonna and child for him. And I said, ‘I don’t think so. I’m busy anyhow with the shelter drawings.’ And he said, ‘I don’t mean now, but may I come and see you?’ And he used this kind of approach, of never pushing the moment, but of coming and seeing me. And eventually I said all right. Also, as I had not done any sculpture for nearly two years, through doing the shelter drawings and the coal mine drawings, I wanted to get back to sculpture, and yet I hadn’t got the themes in my mind. So this was a way of beginning. But I still felt unsure of being able to do it, and I said to him, ‘If you will give me two or three months, I’ll do some little ideas, some little maquettes. And if my friends such as Herbert Read and Kenneth Clark think that what I produce is all right, then I’ll consider it.’ And I did this. And we had them all out on the mantelpiece at the Upper Terrace house of Kenneth Clark’s. And I’d already decided which one I thought was best, because I could see it as stone and see it finished. And they agreed that this was it.

Henry Moore quoted in The Donald Carroll Interviews, Talmy, Franklin, London 1973, p.43-44

● In addition to the sculptures listed on this website several drawings by Henry Moore can be found in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art’s collection.