Weedon Lois


Hand Relief No.1 1956 (LH 354)


Parish church of St Mary

length 34.5cm

When I was making the large version of King and Queen, and getting to working on the hands in detail, I got a little stuck with them, and contrary to my previous practice, I felt that I needed to have a model of a real hand. And so I asked my wife to come into the studio and hold her hand in the position I required, - she posed for about a quarter of an hour and then said she couldn’t stay any longer as the lunch she was cooking needed her attention. I then asked Mary, my daughter who was six years old, to come and hold her hand in the position I wanted, and in this way I was helped in completing the hands of the full-size sculpture... But the idea came to me of putting the two hands together in a relief composition, and this is how the plaque came about.

Henry Moore in a letter to Allan D. Emile, 21 October 1966