Sundial 1965-66 (LH 528)


height 336cm

The Sundial idea started this way, - I was asked to do a piece of sculpture to put in front of a new building in London where The Times newspaper has its headquarters. I thought about it, but eventually decided that The Times is too much a part of the English Establishment, and that a Henry Moore sculpture would not be right there, but something more recognisable as a Henry Moore sculpture, would be more suitable. In discussing all this with the owner of The Times and the architect of the new building, they agreed with my idea, and that, a sundial might be appropriate. Fortunately the position for the sculpture faced practically dead-south which also made a sundial workable, and being able to tell the time, had a connection with the name The Times. The architect sent me a book on sundials and the principals on which they work…. There are innumerable different types of sundials, but the simplest is the bow type and this is the type we chose.

Henry Moore in a letter to Harry Brooks of Wildenstein & Co, 7 January 1970