New York


Reclining Figure 1963-65 (LH 519)


height 544cm

I have never seen a person or a piece of sculpture against architecture that I would say can be seen perfectly from every point of view. I just don’t know it. When dealing with an architectural situation, I attempt to consider certain things that can go wrong. There is a kind of right size for every such situation. I think that in the Lincoln Centre piece its size in relation to the four buildings all around it and to the plaza is just about right. This is the thing I tried to think about. I don’t work with architects except on these generalised problems like size. I don’t like doing commissions in the sense that I go and look at a site and then think of something. Once I have been asked to consider a certain place where one of my sculptures might possibly be places, I try to choose something suitable from what I’ve done or from what I’m about to do. But I don’t sit down and try to create something especially for it.

Moore quoted in Alan Wilkinson, Writings and Conversations, Lund Humphries 2002, page 243-244.