Audio Visual recordings

The Henry Moore Institute regularly hosts events on a wide range of sculptural topics. Many of these are recorded, and available to listen to in our dedicated Audio Visual Library. Below is a selection of recordings from these events.

Neal White realises a 'Skoob Tower'

John Latham's 'Skoob Towers' are improvised chimneys made from books and set alight from below.

Eileen Agar's Found Sculptures

Dr Julia Kelly's lecture examines Agar's use of found natural objects with perceived 'sculptural' qualities.

'Bust of Rev. Walter Farquhar Hook'

Rebecca Wade discusses William Day Keyworth's 1844 portrait bust from the Leeds Sculpture Collection.

On Growth and Form

Three talks from our workshop looking at the influence of D'Arcy Thompson on the modern sculptural imagination.

On Growth and Form: an introduction

Lisa Le Feuvre gives an introduction to the exhibition 'D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form'.

Dennis Oppenheim: Fireworks Signs

Three films showing the visceral process of dematerialisation in Oppenheim's combustible sculptures.

Pillow Talk

Thomas Morgan-Evans takes a multi-faceted approach to discussing Andy Warhol's 'Silver Clouds' in this talk.

Steven Claydon interview

Pavel Pyś interviews the artist about his sculptural installation from the exhibition 'Indifferent Matter'.

Contemporary Artists on Moore

Phyllida Barlow discusses Moore's influence on her own practice and his relevance for contemporary artists.

13 Pieces, 17 Feet

Becky Beasley's performance uses multiple voices, alternating between historical fictions and abstract texts.

Nice Style

Video recording from the performance event 'High Up On A Baroque Palazzo: A Lecture Demonstration'.

Programmed Shape Development

The polished disks of Barry Martin's kinetic sculpture reflect the light and create complex optical effects.

Old Money Bags

Bruce Lacey's mechanical sculpture, on display as part of United Enemies, grinds into action.

Fathers and Feminism

Tamara Trodd discusses Tacita Dean's film portraits in relation to the wider theme of 'father figures'.

Savage Messiah film screening

The director of Savage Messiah, Ken Russell, sends an open letter to HMI's Gaudier-Brzeska symposium.

Sculpture and Performance

Conference exploring the complex relationship between sculpture and performance over the last century.