Magic and Meaning: Occult Objects and Practices from Ancient to Modern Times

27th June 2003
Seminar Room
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Over the last two years, the Henry Moore Institute has collaborated with The British Museum on a series of in-focus exhibitions of ancient, modern and contemporary objects that touch on aspects of magic. The final show in the series, A Kind of Magic: Talismans, Charms and Amulets from The British Museum runs until 29 June, and this symposium will mark the end of this collaboration. The speakers are:

Irving Finkel (The British Museum)
Fear and Loathing in Bloomsbury: Trying to Exhibit Magic

Stephen Bowd (Manchester Metropolitan University)
High and Low Magic in Early Modern Europe

Susan Greenwood (Anthropoligist)
Contemporary Magic: a Place of Infinite Possibilities

The exhibition curators, Stephen Feeke (Henry Moore Institute) and James Putnam (The British Museum) will participate as discussants, and the event will be chaired Julia Kelley (University of Manchester, AHRB Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies).