AAH Conference 2003: Articulations

10th April 2004 - 13th February 1971
Birbeck, California, USA

Two sessions convened in collaboration with HMI

Saturday 12 April
1) Transformation: The Aesthetics of Replication 1800-1900
Convened by Patricia Mainardi (City of UniversityNew York) and Martina Droth (HMI)

Heather MacLenna ‘Prints of prints: the facsimile and the ‘discover’ of the early Renaissance print in Britain 1810-1828’
Satish Padiyar ‘Sculpture, Engraving, Photography. The Restitution of the Truth in Replication’
Pierre-Lin Renie ‘The Reproductive Print and Photograph in the Second Half of the 19th Century’
Kate Nearpass Ogden ‘Close Cousins: Landscape Photography & The Plein Air Oil Sketch’
Susan Siegfried ‘Repetition as Artistic Process’
Monica Kjellman Chapin ‘A Dialogic Replication: Ingres in Whistler’s Little Blue Girl
Amy Herman Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral: The Role of Patronage and Shifting Aesthetics’

2) Performing Objects/Animating Images
This strand aims to develop the recent scholarship on the ‘performing object’ and pre-cinematic formats of the moving image, by looking at the crossovers between the art object and the performing theatrical object, and the at the articulation of sound, voice, kinetics and the mechanics of the object and image.

Convened by Jon Wood (HMI) and Aura Satz (UCL)

Friday 11 April
Genevieve Warwick ‘Pasquinade: The Speaking Statues of Early Rome’
Victoria Nelson ‘The New Allegory: Animating Images Antenna Theatre’s ‘Skin & Bone/Flesh & Blood’
Michael White ‘Dionysus in Devon: Willi Soukop and the place of the mask in modern Sculpture’
Melissa McQuillan ‘Moving Pictures: Mercure (1924) Picasso, Satie, Massine and Etienne de Beaumont’
Edward Allington ‘Raymond Roussel and the Beginnings of Robo Art’
Lynne Cooke ‘Robert Whitman’
Helen Weston and Mervyn Head ‘Throwing Light and Raising the Dead: Magic Lanterns for Articulating Images and Ideas in Revolutionary France’

Saturday 12 April
Steven Connor ‘Ventillations: Air, Voice and Puppets’
Asta Groting ‘The Inner Voice’ (1993-2003): collaborations with ventriloquists in different languages’
Anna ezuze and Alessandra Santarelli ‘Photographing Spectator Participation in Helio Oitcica’s ‘Parangoles’ 1964’
Camilla Jackson and Rebecca Duclos ‘Spectral Presence: the artist as medium in recent works’
Marquard Smith ‘Aesthetics, Erotics, Prostheitics: Matthew Barney, Aimee Mullins, James Gillingham, and yours truly, Lisa Joyce, Talking Alibis: Jeff Wall and Ventriloquism’
Joan Baixas ‘Anima-Animality-Animation: Three aspects of animated objects in contemporary art’