Involuntary Sculpture

14th November 2004
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

This symposium takes as its starting point Brassai’s 1993 photo-essay ‘Sculptures involontaires’ as a means of opening up a debate about ‘surrealist sculpture’ and its legacy in later 20th century and 21st century art. Themes addressed include: the tension between materiality and immateriality; the role of chance/involuntary natural and supernatural phenomena; temporality and performativity in three-dimensional objects; the interplay between site, spatial presence and photographic representation.

Speakers include Steven Harris, Monika Rieger, Gavin Parkinson, Simon Baker, Martha Buskirk, Mark Godfrey and Margaret Iversen.

Organised by Julia Kelley and Anna Dezeuze, AHRB Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies, School of Art History and Archaeology, University of Manchester,