CAA Atlanta, Sculpting in Time and Space: New Approaches to Sculpture and Film

16th February 2005 - 19th February 2005
CAA Annual Conference
Atlanta, Georgia

Professor Ian Christie speaking at CAA

(from left to right) Maria Walsh, Ann Reynolds, Tamara Trodd, Jon Wood and Kirstie Skinner speaking at Part II of the 'Sculpting in Time and Space' session

Jon Wood, Institute Research Co-ordinator has co-convened a session on Sculpture and Film at the College Art Association Annual Conference with Ian Christie of Birkbeck College.

During much of the 20th century, film was often assumed to be a 'flat' pictorial art, more often compared with painting and graphic media, than with sculpture. There were always dissenting voices in these early years: Andrey Tarkovsky would define his aesthetic with the striking metaphor of 'sculpting in time'. In the last few decades, however, film has come to be more closely associated with sculpture, and in recent years, it has largely been through gallery installations not only that the sculptural aspect of film and video has been demonstrated, but also the extent to which filmic representation enlarges our understanding of sculptural space. This session proposes a more rigorous exploration of the relationship between sculpture and film. It considers how film has interpreted - and performed - historic sculpture; how film has been used as a 'documentary' (and mobile) viewing method to facilitate the reading of abstract sculpture; how modernist sculpture might be considered the outcome of an interaction with filmic technique; and how narrative cinema might be re-thought as fundamentally sculptural in its production of dynamic, affective space. Speakers and titles are:

Rowan Bailey (Leeds University)
'Decline' of the 'eternal' paradigm? Displacing the inherited concepts of sculpture in film

David Hulks (University of East Anglia)
Adrian Stokes's Perspective on a Spiralling Situation

Cornelia Lund (University of Stuttgart)
Stop and Go - Sculpture in Experimental Film

Maxa Zoller (Birkbeck College, London)
'I Dreamed of a Light Apparatus' Film's Displacement in Artistic Practice and Art History

Nora Alter (University of Florida)
Acoustic Dimensions: Sound in Sculpture and Film

Ann Reynolds (University of Texas, Austin)
Radical Practice Reconsidered: Film Cultures of the 1960s

Kirstie Skinner (Edinburgh College of Art)
Framing Consciousness in the 1960s: the filmic qualities of serial sculpture

Melissa Ragona (Carnegie Mellon University)
The Cut: Hollis Frampton and Carl Andre in Dialogue

Tamara Trodd (University College, London)
Dissolving the Sculptural Object: The Films of Robert Smithson and Tacita Dean

Maria Walsh (University of Arts, London)
Atom Egoyan's cinema