Neal White in Conversation

19th February 2005
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Preparatory drawing for The Third Campaign.

Graphite on Isometric Paper, © Neal White

Neal White’s exhibition, The Third Campaign, is currently showing in the Sculpture Study Galleries, Leeds City Art Gallery. As part of his Campaign, White wrote to people as varied as the Zimbabwean Ambassador and Brian Sewell. Their responses, displayed as part of the exhibition, are for the most part in agreement with Neal’s view that the destruction of the sculptures ‘robbed the nation and our capital city of an undeniably important example of [Epstein’s] early work’.

However, concerns are raised by Mr Sewell and English Heritage that ‘any consolidation work, couldÖ compromise the authenticity of the sculptures and thus the integrity and special historic interest of the building’ (Michael Dunn, English Heritage).

The debate continues?in the Study Galleries?on Saturday 19 February at 2.30pm. Neal White will be discussing the beautiful and elegiac film he created for the show, and the project as a whole with Sophie von Olfers (O+I, London).

Admission is free and on a first come first served basis, seating is limited so please come early to guarantee your place.