Depth of Field Talks Series

2nd March 2005 - 23rd March 2005
Henry Moore Institute Seminar Room

'Virgin and Child with five Angels'

Image courtesy of the V&A

A series of talks to complement the current exhibition Depth of Field: the place of relief in the time of Donatello. The talks will look at the artists of the Renaissance through the writings of five historians whose work has been instrumental in the construction of a history of the Renaissance. Beginning with Giovanni Chellini, the owner of Donatello’s famous ’Virgin and Child’ roundel, and ending with John Pope-Hennessy, historian and former curator of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

2 March: Patricia Rubin (Courtauld Institute)
On Giovanni Chellini: 'Keeping the record straight: Donatello, his doctor and the economy of honour in fifteenth-century Florence'

9 March: Jennifer Graham (University of Plymouth)
On Walter Pater and John Ruskin: ''A shadowy outline of their actual days': rediscovering relief sculpture in the nineteenth century'

16 March: David Hulks (UEA)
On Adrian Stokes: ''Identity in difference': why Donatello 'diminishe' while Agostino 'produces a vital and vibrating concomitance’'

23 March: Peta Motture (V&A) 
'John Pope-Hennessy Revisited'

Audio recordings of David Hulks and Peta Motture's talks are available in the Henry Moore Institute Research Library.

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