Modern Brazilian Film

11th March 2006
Henry Moore Institute Seminar Room

Eduardo Srur

Courtesy Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo

Continuing with the theme of Espaço Aberto / Espaço Fechado, the Brazilian film day will kick off with a discussion of the theme of urban spaces in Brazilian cinema, including presentations on cinematic representations of the city of São Paulo in films from the 1920s, the violent suburbs of Rio de Janeiro as witnessed in José Henrique Fonseca’s 2003 box-office hit O Homem do Ano (The Man of the Year), and the changing face of the favela in Brazilian cinema. There will then be an introduction to and screening of Dois filhos de Francisco (Breno Silveira, 2005), the official selection from Brazil for the 2006 Academy Awards, and one of the most successful films of recent years.

Speakers at the event include Lúcia Nagib (Centre for World Cinemas, University of Leeds), Stephanie Dennison (Centre for Brazilian Film Studies, University of Leeds), Maite Conde (University of Cambridge), Claire Williams (University of Liverpool), Tatiana Heise and Ana Santos (University of Leeds).

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