Artist's talk - Cesar Cornejo

23rd May 2007
Henry Moore Insttitute Seminar Room

Cesar Cornejo
Mixed media

Courtesy Gallery ICPNA, Lima, Peru

As part of the Situation Leeds Festival 07, Peruvian artist Cesar Cornejo will give a talk about his practice. Currently a resident artist with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in New York, Cesar’s work explores the role of architecture as an enforcer of ‘social order’. For him, the controlling function of architecture negates its own ideal, creating an anti-architecture that is not for humans but against them. The work presents the inter-relationship between the individual, society and the built environment by reference to specific social events - political, public and private. His anti-architecture is as much a state of mind as a physical expression, connecting to the viewer on a symbolic or narrative level and metaphysically.

An independent festival developed and delivered by artists in Leeds, Situation Leeds, explores the relationship between contemporary artists and the public realm. The 07 festival will focus on art in the public realm as critical practice and its inextricable relationship with site, audience and social context.

An audio recording of this event is available in the Henry Moore Institute Research Library.