The Studio in the Gallery?

24th March 2007
Akademie der Kuenste, Berlin, 10.30-4.30pm

Organised by The Henry Moore Institute and the Akademie der Kuenste

This one day conference, designed to accompany the Raum exhibition, looks at the ways that studios have been exhibited in the art gallery and museum. In the morning there will be presentations by representatives of the reconstructed studios of Brancusi, Bacon and Paolozzi, that will open up discussion of ‘studio reconstruction’ today through the particular issues - spatial, architectural, archaeological, biographical and site-related - faced by each of these case studies. In the afternoon, there will papers given by three curators who have all organised exhibitions that have examined the studio as a subject for enquiry for both art history and for contemporary practice. Together these conference papers will ask what a studio is today, looking at why and how it has been variously restaged, installed and reframed within the walls of the art gallery and museum.

Introduced and chaired by Jon Wood (Henry Moore Institute) and Angela Lammert (Akademie der Kuenste)

Marielle Tabart (ex-curator of L’Atelier Brancusi, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris)
‘Brancusi studio memories’

Margarita Cappock (curator of Francis Bacon studio, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin)
‘Organised chaos: Francis Bacon at the Hugh Lane’

Daniel Herrmann (assistant curator of Eduardo Paolozzi studio, Dean Gallery, Edinburgh)
‘On Transplants: A Frame Analysis of Artists’ Studios in Art Galleries’

Suzanna Héman (curator, Stedelijk, Amsterdam)
‘Mapping the Studio: the making of an exhibition’

Christina Kennedy (curator, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin)
‘The Studio: exhibiting the contemporary studio’

Angela Lammert (curator, Akademie der Kuenste)
‘Raum: an exhibition about and beyond the studio’