Antiquity Multiplied: Artistic Itineracy and Sculpture-making in Rome (ca. 1750-1850)

Institute Seminar
19th January 2011
Henry Moore Institute, 1.30-7pm

Joseph Gott, Nymph and Greyhound, 1834

Joseph Gott
'Nymph and Greyhound'

Courtesy Leeds Museums and Galleries (Leeds Art Gallery)

This event has been programmed to coincide with the current Leeds Art Gallery exhibition, Joseph Gott in Leeds and Rome. Chaired by Dr Tomas Macsotay, HMF Post-Doctoral Fellow based at Leeds University, the seminar will examine the pan-European sculpture communities operating in Rome c. 1750-1850.

Speakers include Professor Alison Yarrington (Glasgow University), Professor Johannes Myssok (Kunstacademie Düsseldorf), Dr. Eckart Marchand (University of Reading), Professor Dr. Daniella Gallo (Université Pierre Mendès, Grenoble) and Dr Viccy Coltman (Edinburgh University). The day will include a tour of the exhibition with its curator, Dr Terry Friedman.