The Artist as Researcher: Artistic Research Now

Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts: Artistic Research as the new European Paradigm for the Arts
9th March 2011 - 11th March 2011
The Henry Moore Institute

Photo from Maija Närhinen's lecture 'The Temptation of Distraction'

The second in a series of cultural events programmed by CICA: Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts, this project is designed to encourage international dialogue among European artists and professionals in the field of art and culture.

CICA is founded on the belief that creating new knowledge on artists' and art's position in the 21st Century will be best achieved through intercultural communication - in discussions, through reflecting on artworks, and in interest-generating public seminars.

Participating Institutions:

  • KUVA Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (project coordinator)
  • Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
  • University of Leeds, Centre for Practice-led Research (CePRA)
  • Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
  • Project Space Leeds
  • Gothenburg University: Faculty of Fine, Applied & Performing Arts
  • Gothenburg Centre for Contemporary Art

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