The New British Sculpture: Reviewing the persistence of an idea, c.1850 – present

17th February 2011 - 18th February 2011
Henry Moore Institute

Tony Cragg
'Postcard Flag (Union Jack)'

Courtesy Leeds Museums and Galleries (Leeds Art Gallery) and the artist

Thursday 17 February, 2-4pm:

Jonathan Black (University of Kingston)
'A New Form of Sculpture for England': British Monumental Public Sculpture between the Wars and the Struggle for Realism

Sarah Turner (University of York)
Ezra Pound's new 'order' of artists: 'The New Sculpture' (1914) and the sculptural avant-garde in early twentieth-century Britain


Friday 18 February, 10.30-4pm:

Alex Potts (University of Michigan)
Conflicting Transatlantic Perspectives on Modern Sculpture

Jennifer Powell (Tate Britain)
A 'Coherent'/'National'/'School' of Sculpture? Constructing Britishness through Exhibition Practices in Post-War London

Jay Curley (Wake Forest University)
Caro's Secret

Joy Sleeman (Slade School of Art)
The New Art, Hayward Gallery London, 1972: New as Compromise, or when what happens around the exhibition is as interesting as what happens in the exhibition

Nick Baker (Open University)
Managing the Reputations of the New British Sculptors in the 1990s

Danielle Child (University of Leeds)
Could You Make Me One Like That? Examining the YBAs Aesthetic and the Mike Smith Studio

James Brown (Plymouth College of Art)
Sculpture and the Rebranding of Tradition in Saatchi's' Newspeak: British Art Now'