Foreign Exchange: FOREX

Public seminar
25th April 2012 - 27th April 2012
An EU Culture Grant Project: September 2010-July 2012.
Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute

Ian Balch
'Layered Object' (2010)
Acrylic and lead‎

CICA: Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts: Artistic Research as the new European Paradigm for the Arts.

Foreign Exchange: FOREX focuses on ways artistic research determines the form of much contemporary art and on the role of research in the preparation of international contemporary art projects.

Through biennials, triennials and various commissioning organisations it has become commonplace for artists to be invited to work in relation to specific contexts, sites and audiences in temporary venues, often located in post-industrial zones or refurbished buildings. The invited artist may be expected to plan a research project prior to making work that is site-specific/site sensitive.

Alternatively, a curator may seek out locations and contexts in which to invite artists to present works, or respond to proposals by artists by researching suitable venues for work. Today many artists and curators work internationally across open borders or in frontier venues, travelling in order to develop projects for contemporary art festivals aimed at different audiences.

The 2012 Leeds CICA seminar and parallel exhibition, Pieces of Eight, examines this territory, with particular reference to the hermeneutic gap between artists' and curators' working processes. It focuses on different approaches to research by artists and curators in the making and situating of artworks.

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