United Enemies Film Screening 1: 'Manual Thinking'

Institute Film Screening
1st February 2012
Leeds Art Gallery Lecture Theatre, 6.00pm

William Raban, still from 'Take Measure' (1973)

Image courtesy William Raban

As part of United Enemies, the Institute has organised a series of film screenings exploring how artists in the 1960s and 1970s deployed sculpture in film, as well as using film to rethink sculpture. Each screening addresses the three central approaches to sculpture taken in United Enemies: 'Manual Thinking', 'Standing' and 'Groundwork'.

Rarely screened films made by several of the artists in the exhibition are programmed alongside radical and influential work made by British experimental filmmakers. The events feature live expanded cinema works performed in person by David Dye and Malcolm Le Grice, and the guest attendance of Sebastian Boyle of The Boyle Family.

Manual Thinking is the first in this series of screenings, and includes a live expanded cinema work performed by David Dye along with the following films:

John Blake, ‘Untitled (Juggler)’, 1972
Shirley Cameron and Roland Miller, ‘100 Holes’, 1977
David Crosswaite, ‘The Man With The Movie Camera’, 1973
David Dye, ‘Western Reversal’, 1973
Peter Gidal, ‘Key’, 1968
John Hilliard, ‘From And To’, 1971
Derek Jarman, ‘Art Of Mirrors’, 1973
David Lamelas, ‘To Pour Milk Into A Glass’, 1973
Liliane Lijn, ‘What Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping?’, 1971-73
Barry Martin, ‘You Will You Are You Have’, 1966
Paul Neagu, ‘Cake Man Event’, 1971
William Raban, ‘Take Measure’, 1973

Curated by William Rose and Jon Wood.

Booking essential (and galleries open until 9pm)

Tickets cost £5. Payments can be made in advance or on the evening. To book and pay in advance please contact Bruce Davies, Senior Receptionist -

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