'At the Foot of Borobudur'

External event
23rd January 2014
Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2-4pm

Charles Hewlings
'At the Foot of Borobudur'

The discussion revolves around a single work by Charles Hewlings,  'At the Foot of Borobudur' (1976). This sculpture was acquired by the Arts Council Collection in 1977 and is being presented at Longside Gallery especially for this event, which is part of a research project artist John Plowman has been conducting in 2013 at the Henry Moore Institute.

During his time in Leeds, Plowman used the Institute's Research Library and the Charles Hewlings archive, which is held in the Henry Moore Institute Archive of Sculptors' Papers, to research 'At the Foot of Borobudur'. Plowman has been fascinated by this work since he first saw it as a student on display at Acme Gallery, London in 1976. This discussion has been staged to learn more about Plowman's fascination with the sculpture and to hear Charles Hewlings share a conversation with others about this mid to late 1970s moment in British sculpture.

Plowman describes:

'I want to explore my interest in certain aspects of this period of the history of British sculpture. I am fascinated by how the experience of encountering this sculpture at the Acme Gallery in 1976 has stayed with me during the intervening years and contributed to the development of my sculptural practice.

'My plan is to share my thoughts on this sculpture, the time of its making and my own experience as a student at Eastbourne College of Art and then, from 1977 and 1980, in the sculpture department at Leicester Polytechnic. This period of my artistic life was framed by the issues of the magazine Artscribe published during this period. I would like the participants to join me in opening up a discussion to understand the various contexts of 'At the Foot of Borobudur' more fully. I am particularly interested in the role of "stacking" in sculpture at that time, the idea of a sculpture "that is alien to my sculpture self", as Charles described it in 1998, and of homelessness in sculpture.'

Coaches will available on the day for pick up/return to Wakefield Westgate train station.

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