Dennis Oppenheim: Making Ideas Material

Film Screening
28th January 2014
Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, Leeds, LS6 1JD, 6.30pm

Dennis Oppenheim
Still from 'Glassed Hand'
Film conversion: colour, silent, duration 4 minutes

© Dennis Oppenheim

On the occasion of the current exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute, Dennis Oppenheim: Thought Collision Factories, this programme explores the ways the American artist sought to make ideas material.

Oppenheim (1938-2011) was a pioneer of sculptural thinking who constantly sought to push beyond the assumptions of what sculpture might be. Making Ideas Material features five short moving image works from the 1970s and one, screened for the very first time, made in 1992 that focuses on the use of the hand.

In addition, the art critic Thomas McEvilley, in an edited version of a longer discussion from 1992, talks on Oppenheim's persistence to attempt to exteriorise the mechanics of creative thinking.

Introduced by Lisa Le Feuvre, Head of Sculpture Studies, Henry Moore Institute. All films transferred from original format to digital, and prepared by Dennis Oppenheim Studio, New York.
Programme length: 50 minutes

'Glassed Hand' (1970)
Colour, silent, 3 minutes

'Rocked Hand' (1970)
Colour, silent, 3 minutes 38 seconds

'Air Pressure - Hand' (1971)
Black and white, sound, 8 minutes

'Vibration #1' (1971)
Black and white, sound, 13 minutes 51 seconds

'Disappear' (1972)
Colour, sound, 5 minutes 52 seconds

'Thomas McEvilley interviewed by Charles Graef', Long Island NY, Summer 1992
Colour, sound, 9 minutes 7 seconds

'Mannequin Hands' (1992)
Colour, sound, 4 minutes 54 seconds

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