Film Screening at Hyde Park Picture House

Jean Tinguely, Stephen Cripps and John Latham
Institute Film Screening
22nd May 2016
Hyde Park Picture House, 11am

The Hyde Park Picture House

This screening presents film, documentation and experiments by sculptors John Latham (1921-2006), Jean Tinguely (1925-91) and Stephen Cripps. Books, fire, machines, animation and the Earth seen from outer space feature in this programme of work by three visionary sculptors.

John Latham:
Unedited Material from the Star (12 minutes, 1960)
Speak (10 minutes, 1962)
Erth (12 minutes, 1971)

Jean Tinguely:
Study for the End of the World 2 (27 minutes, 1962) filmed for David Brinkley's Journal, NBC, New York, directed by Ray Marsh

Stephen Cripps:
A selection of recently restored, and previously unseen, incomplete films from the Henry Moore Institute Archive of Sculptors' Papers (running time c. 31 minutes)

Each artist has featured in recent exhibitions at the Institute: in 2013 Stephen Cripps: Pyrotechnic Sculptor showcased many of the artist's sketches and drawings held in the Institute's Archive collections, while at the same time Jean Tinguely: 'Spiral' (1965) was on display in Gallery 4. Currently Galleries 1, 2 and 3 are displaying Latham's work in A Lesson in Sculpture with John Latham.

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